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  • Lon'Neisha Scott

Vampire Girl - by Lenny Lee

Vampire Girl is another book that was written by Lenny Lee and to be completely honest, it suffers from the same problems that Magic Academy had. The characters weren’t captivating, the writing was still boring to me, and sometimes, there were some awkward descriptions of the characters. It felt a bit rushed too, especially towards the end, and I think it’s because it’s a shorter book than Magic Academy. Just like in that one, the conflict was solved as soon as it started, and I don’t think it was handled well.

In summary, Natalie Silks is friends with a vampire girl named Amethyst and Amethyst in secretly living in Natalie’s room. One day, people start disappearing and vampires are to blame. Humans are afraid of vampires and don’t want them in their world, but for some strange reasons, other mythical creatures like werewolves, trolls, wizards, and ghosts were accepted. Amethyst gets blamed for the disappearances because someone saw her walking around in the park and Natalie promises to help Amethyst clear her name. So, when they’re out looking for evidence that proves Amethyst didn’t do it, they overhear a man named Mr. Terry talking to himself. It turns out that he was the one who made the folks disappear.

Natalie confronts him about framing Amethyst, and he kidnaps her and takes her to an abandoned house where the other victims are (Amethyst is there too, she followed them, when they were in the car). Mr. Terry tries to make Natalie drink some sleeping potion, but Amethyst jumps in and she has police officers with her. Mr. Terry gets arrested, the victims were taken to the hospital, and Natalie and Amethyst were taken to the police station. The police officer tells them that they’re heroes and around that time, Natalie’s parents show up. Her mom says that she is most likely going to be grounded for two months because she

left the house at night and her dad demands to know the entire story. The book ends with Natalie saying, “It all started a few weeks ago when I met Amethyst in the park.”

Going back to the characters, I only liked Amethyst and Natalie. They made some bad decisions, but they were okay. My least favorite characters, though, are Natalie’s parents and Mr. Terry. Natalie’s parents, Kristin and Brandon Silks, annoyed me more than Lindsey’s parents in Magic Academy. Again, they were just there. Their dialogue was boring and when they showed up, I just wanted them to go away. They were just generic characters, to me. As for Mr. Terry, he was bad at being a bad guy. I don’t think any smart villain would openly admit that they’re framing a person because the protagonist could obviously be listening somewhere. He was an odd character and I’m glad he got his just-dos at the end. Overall, I

would not recommend this book to tweens, but I think this would be an okay book for children who like stories about vampires.


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