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  • Rhonda Allen

Theodore: The Neighbor's Cat by J.S. Ellis


I was a little hesitant about this one but once I started reading it I became immersed in it. Its a book from the point of view of a cat (no talking animals thank goodness) who realizes that his beloved owner is a serial killer. Might sound farfetched and a bit cheesy but once you start reading and sympathizing with Theodore's predicament, disbelief can be suspended. Theodore adores his owner who rescued him as a kitten and has cared for him since. Best food, clean litter, plenty of affection - in fact the perfect human for a cat.....except for one flaw. His owner is a serial killer and Theodore comes to realize this and tries to figure out how to stop him as his owner begins to target another victim - his attractive next door neighbor Jane. Theodore, who likes Jane, tries to think of ways to warn her off. He obviously can't tell her and his signals and behaviors go unnoticed. I won't give away how Theodore eventually figures out what he needs to do and how it ends. Good fun read especially for cat people.

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