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  • Esther Peters

The Specter Bridegroom - By Washington Irving

Baron Von Landshort is getting ready for his daughter to marry. She and her father have never met the Bridegroom. It was all arranged.

The bride as all adorned. Attended by her Auntie to be sure the wedding is perfect. Now she waits.

The groom starts out from his home. He's detained so he sends a notice to the Baron, saying he will be delayed.

When he did start out, he met a man he knows so they traveled together.

They were robbed by outlaws and the groom was wounded. His friend took him for help. As he lay there dying, he asked his friends to go to the castle and tell what happened.

When he arrived, he tried to tell them what happened, but there was so much noise, everyone thought this was the groom.

Everyone ate the dinner to celebrate the wedding.

After the meal, the Baron tried to have him go to bed, but he must go to a funeral of a friend.

As he shouted to the Baron, "the groom was dead." Sadie faints and cried. The bride went to her room.

A few days later, the specter came and took the bride with him.

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