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  • Rhonda Allen

Prophet by Sin Blanche and Helen McDonald

Prophet (2023), written by Sin Blanche and Helen McDonald, and published by Grove Publishing is an A++ book that I highly recommend. Resting somewhere between Science Fiction and Horror, it provides a Great story. A substance known as Prophet is seemingly made at an experimental lab with a thought of military applications. The effect of Prophet on humans is at first seemingly benign but becomes more sinister and threatening as the story progresses. Then a 50's style diner appears suddenly on a rain soaked field. Everything in the diner is exact and perfect except none of it is real. One of the two main characters has the ability to see the truth of anything or anyone and is able to verify that the diner is a fake. It begins to be evident that Prophet is able to bring peoples fondest or most nostalgic memories to reality. The scientist and the main character come across whole fields of items including toys that are deposited randomly. As more and more items suddenly appear and the people who generated them are found either dead or in a comatose state, it becomes apparent the Prophet is out of the control of the military and their scientists. Some items are even found melded together with their creators which is the most horrifying scene. The story is wonderfully weird and surreal, and the characters are well written. Highly recommended to people who like Jeff VanderMeer or China Mieville. Prophet is published by Grove Publishing and is 480 pages long. Reviewed by Rhonda Allen

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