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  • Rhonda Allen

Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Silver Nitrate (2023) by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is an excellent A+ book. It is a Great fantasy. The story takes place in Mexico City where the main character Monsterrat works as a sound editor for a film studio, but is constantly being overlooked by the "old boys club" because she is the only woman at the studio. Her best friend and crush is Tristan, a former soap opera star whose is currently persona non grata with the industry. When Tristan moves into a new apartment, he finds one of his new neighbors is the cult horror director Abel Uruera, who claims he can change their lives by using an unfinished film imbued with magic by Nazi occultist who had arrived in Mexico City to escape after the war. The film in question is made of the highly volatile silver nitrate. Since the film was never finished, Abel swears he is cursed into obscurity and recruits Monsterrat and Tristan into helping him finish the film. The German occultist's end game was that he had encoded a spell into the film that when viewed powered by an audience would grant him immortality along with other powers. He died in an accident and the film was never complete, but his followers were still around. The moral is don't mess with a Sorcerer's spells.....even a dead one’s. Silver Nirate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is published Del Rey and is 336 pages long. Reviewed by Rhonda Allen

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