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  • Rhonda Allen

The Readers Room - by Antoine Laurain


A juicy little mystery that had me guessing and then foolishly thinking I knew how it would end. Takes place at a publishing house in Paris where the editor and the staff of the Reading Room are sure they have come upon a best seller by a new author. After publication and critical acclaim the book is short listed for a prestigious literary award. The problem? No one has ever met the author or even talked to him/her (they aren't sure of the gender). All transactions have been via e-mail and letters. In the meantime the Chief Editor - Victoria LePage has been badly injured in a plane crash and is suffering from strange memory lapses. To add to the pile of troubles, she is visited by a police inspector who tells her there have been two murders that seem to resemble two of the three murders described in the book. The inspector is suspicious of Victoria's insistence that she has no idea how to contact the author. As Victoria's strange memory lapses continue and the author remains elusive, the third murder takes place. By this time I thought I had solved the mystery but while I may have been close there was no cigar for me. Really good for those who enjoy a well plotted mystery.

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