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  • Matt Rappette

The Queen's Corgi: On Purpose by David Michie

“The Queen’s Corgi” by David Michie is a great book in my opinion for a wide audience that could include older elementary to adult audiences. This book takes you through the fictional story of a Corgi, eventually named Nelson, who rises from fate after being born with a drooping ear (which is seen as undesirable in the Corgi world) to become part of the Royal group of Corgis of Queen Elizabeth II. The book includes humor, good advice on how to treat others, and a perspective on how to deal with life’s twists and turns. I thought the author did a creative job by writing the book from the viewpoint of what an animal might or could be thinking and incorporating the connection to Corgis of Queen Elizabeth II. As I read the book, I was taken on a journey filled with different emotions and taught some good lessons on the way! This book caught my eye because at our library, we have a mascot/therapy dog that is a Corgi named Bolt. I have become fond of Corgis due to this fact, and with the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and her connection to Corgis this book became a must read. The author has several other books in a series along the same line that I would recommend exploring as well. The book ends with an introduction to another in his series. Whether you are an animal lover or not you will enjoy “The Queen’s Corgi: On Purpose is published by Conch Books copyright 2016 and is 227 pages long.

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