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  • Matt Rappette

The Hidden Language of Cats by Sarah Brown

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The Hidden Language of Cats by Sarah Brown (Copyright, 2023) reviewed by Matt Rappette is a perfect book for those who love cats. It is written by Dr. Sarah Brown, a renowned cat behavior scientist of over thirty years, who shares her insights about cats in a format that is grounded in research and written so readers can understand. She has done a lot of homework exhaustively looking at these wonderful creatures and shares her discoveries from how cats use tail signals to interact with each other and their owners to just about everything you can imagine in between. Her writing style is easy to follow, and the book includes some illustrations to help the reader better understand her points. Each chapter dives into something you can learn about these felines like forms of communication, vocalizations, tail signals, scents, rubbing, and ear movements. The book certainly lives up to its title of trying to answer the question, “How do they have us at Meow?” You will gain a much better understanding of cats from reading this book. It is a must for any animal or cat lover who wants to learn more about their pet. You will certainly come out of the experience with increased knowledge on the topic. I found it very useful since I have had 3 pet cats in my lifetime each so very different but similar. There is so much to learn about these wonderful creatures! “The Hidden Language of Cats” by Sarah Brown is 283 pages long and published by Dutton.

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