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  • Kim Mallory

The Girl with Ghost Eyes - by M.H. Boroson

What if you could see monsters? What if the spirits of the dead cried out to you to save them? Would you pretend they don't exist? Ignore the terrifying beings that lurk between realms? For Daoshi Xian Li-lin that is impossible. She was born with the cursed 'yin' eyes that allow her see and interact, sometimes unwillingly, with the spirit world.

Welcome to Chinatown, California where Chinese mysticism meets New World. The year is

1898 and Li-lin is caught up in a power struggle between two rival gangs, using spells and demons, to wage war on the city.

Terrifying spirits, talking eyeballs and a woman who does not know the meaning of the word 'defeat'. If you love alternate history, strong women and Asian mythology then I highly recommend this book.

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