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  • Rhonda Allen

The Dark Between the Trees by Fiona Barnett

(A) In the mid 1600s, a group of soldiers are ambushed in an isolated part of England and their only hope of survival is to flee into a dense nearby woods - Moresby Wood, which is known locally to be a place full of witchcraft and shadows. Seventeen men flee to the woods but only two are ever seen again, telling strange tales of shifting landscapes and of trees that seem to disappear while they sleep. In the present, 5 women historians and archeologists enter the wood determined to find out what happened to the soldiers. Armed with the latest technology, the written account of one of the two men who escaped, as well as two maps (one from the time of the disappearance and one "modern" 50 year old map) they try to follow the maps and the trail path of the soldiers. Their GPS doesn't work nor do their cell phones and, thinking they will be able to follow the maps, they plunge into Moresby Woods.....Let's just say it doesn't go well. Only one makes it out...or does she????? Very good, tightly plotted story going between the experiences of the soldiers lost in the woods and the present expedition. Ending is twisty.

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