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  • Esther Peters

The C.S.I. Effect - by Katherine Ramsland

Everyone knows the letters C.S.I. but do they really understand what goes on behind the scenes?

There are so many court cases that would go the wrong way for the prosecutor and the guilty party would go free.

Take the case of a man found in a Fort Worth park. At first they said it was an accident.

About 4 months later, a lady said she was under the spell of drugs and alcohol. The story was very strange but after looking over the crime scene again they were not sure it whether it was an accident or murder.

With accident reconstruction, they were able to prove it was murder. The driver was a nurse and could have helped him.

Then there was the story of a mother who killed 3 of her children.

She entered a plea of insanity. The rudimentary psychologist report said that she was competent enough to stand trial.

Her attorney wanted another meeting with another doctor. Dr. Harris, a clinical psychologist, saw her and concluded that was able to stand trial.

CSI has come so far that the police has far less complications.

This is a very interesting and informative book.

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