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  • Kim Mallory

The Bright and Breaking Sea by Cloe Neill

Some of you might be familiar with the author if you've ever read any of the Chicagoland Vampire novels. If you have, let me assure you there isn't a single vampire in this book. For those of you who have never heard of the author and want something new and exciting to add to your spring/summer reading list allow me to introduce you The Bright and Breaking Sea.

Master and Command meets The Duke and I. High sea adventure with the very competent Captain Kit Brightling and her crew aboard the Diana. It's all fun and games on the high seas until a deposed would-be emperor decides, yet again, to make a bid for the throne of the Saxon Isles.

Only this time he has inside help and the use of magic that is warping the land and seas around the Isles. Now it is up to Kit, a woman with a magical touch with all things water, and a war-weary Colonel who just happens to be an aristocrat to boot to find a missing spy with vital information that just might keep the Queen on her throne and war off the horizon.

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