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  • Rhonda Allen

Southern Reach Trilogy - by Jeff Vandermeer

Rating: A+.

I admit these books that make up the trilogy (Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance) are ones I return to reread frequently. The trilogy starts out with a team going into an area on the southeast coast of America that has undergone some strange and drastic environmental change. We are never given a concrete explanation for the change but only that it is spreading and a secretive government agency is trying to figure it out. They don't know how it started (though we are given ambiguous clues within the story) nor what all the effects are. We follow the team in the first book. They have been fed some false information and directions of what they are doing within the area. Only one survives and appears outside the area though she does not know how that happened or even what affect the area had on her. The other books lend some background to the area and the surviving team member appears frequently. This is a very good example of an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Very well written with such wonderful descriptions of the area that you can almost smell the marshes and dead grasses, and hear the buzz of insects.

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