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Running Tips - Get Fit BH

So, you want to run? That's awesome! Running can be a great activity that can be done on your own or with friends. This will be some basic information for anyone, of any level, who wants to take up running.


The first thing to do is make sure you have proper shoes to run in. These shoes should be designed for running and will give you support so you do not injure yourself. It's also good if you have a GPS capable smart phone to track your runs. You can download some different apps that can track for you. I suggest Runkeeper or Strava, as both have decent free versions. There is also Map My Run. I used Runkeeper for years to program runs and had it tell me when to run and walk. You can also do that with a HIIT timer app, but those won't track your miles or your pace. Also, make sure you stretch before and after every run.

Next, be honest about your fitness. When I first started running I actually couldn't run. I started out by walking home from work a couple of times a week and built up from there. Eventually I was walking 3 miles pretty consistently and easily, so I decided to add some running intervals. If you are a beginner, start with running intervals. An interval style means you run for a time or distance and then you walk for a time or distance. I started by running just when I was crossing the street and walking the rest of the way along the block. Eventually I started running by landmark, for example I'd start running at one driveway, and then stop running and walk when I came to the next driveway. I continued that interval for as long as I could and then would walk the rest of my route.

Plan you routes accordingly and start out small. It'd be great to go from zero to marathon, but that isn't going to happen. Running takes time. When you start, you might only run 1-2 miles once or twice a week. That is totally fine! You can choose to run some days, and walk others. It's all about getting out and getting more active.

Once you feel comfortable running a mile (intervals, or non-stop either way works) you can check our Jeff Galloway's Magic Mile chart. This chart will give you a recommended run/walk ratio based on your mile speed. Try out these intervals and see if you like them. If not, switch it up. Running is all about how you feel.

When you are running it's also important to breathe. I breathe in for 3, hold for 1, and breathe out for 3. There are many different ways to breathe, this is just something that works for me. I've included a link below with more breathing tips for runners.

Remember, if you ran part of it, you are a runner. Running is a very individual event, and you are only trying to be better than the runner you were yesterday.

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