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  • Tiffany Bradley

June - Wag your Tail with Tails and Tales - Monthly Updates

Updates this month at the Library

General Updates-

  • The library's current hours of operation have moved from 11-4:00 to 10:5:30.

  • Computers are now open for use via appointment in the Adult Department.

  • The Children's Department is now open. Patrons are only allowed one (1) hour time in the department. Masks are still required to enter.

  • Please take time to review the new library COVID guidelines:


Junior Department-

  • You can add a June fun bundle to your curbside order. This month's bundle includes:

    • A random craft

  • The Teen Pathfinder is still underway so if you would like to join, simply fill out this form or ask a Teen Librarian to help. You must be in 7-12 grade to join.

  • Patrons are now allowed to come upstairs for a limit of ONE (1) hour. Mask are still required to enter building.

  • The children's and teen's summer reading programs are slated to start on June 21st. The program is available both online and in person, but you cannot do both. Children 12 and under must have an adult present for sign up.

  • Our kick-off program is Nelson's Wildlife Safari, which is to be held on June 24th at 5:00PM. We ask if attendees follow social distancing guidelines put out by the CDC.


Adult Department-

  • Decorations:

    • Front window - Parasols and summer reading.

    • Little window - Father's Day

    • Floor - Summer cooking, wedding books, Great Lakes shipwrecks, and quilting.


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