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  • Kat Boyer

One of us is Lying - TV review

Confession, I LOVE Karen M. McManus's books. I've read almost all of them, and when I found out that the first one I'd read, One of us is Lying, was going to be a TV show I was psyched.

I just got access to Peacock and while I had some time off I decided to check out One of us is Lying. I have to say that the characters, except for maybe Simon, did NOT look the way I had pictured them. I was also thrown off by the obvious age difference between actors and characters (this is not a slam to the actors, but I'm sorry someone who is pushing 30 is not believable as a high school senior).

Once I got past those differences I did start to enjoy the show. The will they/won't they between Nate and Brownwyn got drawn out way too long, and the red herrings were very glaring. Everything seemed just a little too over the top.

In the end I found the show compelling, and I ended up binging most of the series, but I think the book is much better.

You can check out a selection of Karen M. McManus's books at the library including One of us is Lying.

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