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Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red - by Martha Wells

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The series consists of 5 books with a sixth coming out later this year. I've read the first two and am about halfway through the third. I love Murderbot!!! #1 - All Systems Red introduces the reader to the self named Murderbot an AI that was part of a security (sometimes lethal) mercenary for hire force.

Murderbot Diaries book 1

But Murderbot was at some point able to hack its governor and thereby escape the Company" and

became sort of a free agent. The books are told from its point of view which at times is sarcastic, depressed and curious and reclusive. Never has there been a better look at human kind and all its foibles. All Murderbot wants is to be left alone with a steady supply of "media" to which it is addicted - mostly to what amounts to a soap opera called Sanctuary Moon (it likes the humans in the soap opera much better than real ones). It does not like to interact with humans but it needs to to find out what happened in its past that resulted in a massacre but which Murderbot remembers very little. As it says "As a heartless killing machine I was a complete failure". So it journeys across space, hiring out as a security bot and always afraid it will be found out and returned to the company and its memory wiped once again. Often hilariously funny, thrilling but always "human". Well written.

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