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Lore Olympus; vol. 1 - by Rachel Smythe - community review

This review is done by library member Jasper M.

4.5/5★ | 15/16 + recommend

The book is a great adaptation for a modern HadesXPersephone. The first few chapters however are a small bit slow. The characters are well-written and definitely leave an impression. I would whole-heartedly recommend this to people who like soft romance with dashes of drama and a bit of angst. Also if you enjoy volume one and want to read more, you can find it on WebToon; you won't regret it.

Side note: the last chapter is an extra and is not in the WebToon. Simply reading is optional.

Side note 2: The series does take some creative liberties, but still follows most of the mythology that is recognizable and enjoyable.


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