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  • Jake Bonham

Lip Hook by David Hine & Mark Stafford

On the run from unseen trouble, Vince and Sophia duck into the town of Lip Hook, a secluded village hidden in a murky, fog choked corner of the British marshlands. Hiding their wounds as well as a suitcase full of stolen treasure, the pair take up residence at the local inn. Seeming to commune with an ancient force that still lingers in the marshlands, Sophia is soon wielding a perverse influence over the residents of Lip Hook, reawakening old beliefs…and prejudices.

Tantalizingly described as “A Tale of Rural Unease”, Hine and Stafford’s graphic novel is a strange and unsettling story that seems gently lifted from the Southern Gothic tradition and transported to its damp and dreary English setting. These surroundings and the characters that inhabit them are all rendered in the same slightly gruesome style, which serves to highlight the often ghastly nature of both the characters and their bewitched endeavors. If you’re looking for something quick and creepy to kick off your Halloween season, I’d suggest giving this a look.

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