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  • Rhonda Allen

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer - by Jonathan L. Howard


This book despite it's title is a hoot. Its the first book in a series that follows Johannes Cabal who had sold his soul to Lucifer but decided he needs it and wants it back. He journeys to Hell to confront Lucifer and demand his soul back. Sounds like a typical Faustian story. That it is most certainly not. It is just hilarious as Cabal bargains with Lucifer. The reality of hell is a bureaucratic nightmare of waiting in a long line and filling out endless forms (with a soft pencil) that are always rejected and must be done over. Anyone who has waited at the DMV for endless hours can relate to this. In the end Lucifer makes a bargain with Cabal. He must get one hundred people to sign over their souls within a year. Lucifer even offers to help him by handing him shut down traveling carnival to work from. Lucifer of course is sure Cabal will fail....but the ever snarky Cabal has a trick or two up his sleeve.

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