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Great Ghost Stories - edited by Mary C. Allen

This will be a series of ghost stories reviewed

The empty house - by Algernon Blackwood

Houses, like certain persons, manage somehow to proclaim their evil.

Aunt Julia and her nephew Jim Shorthouse hear about an old house that is haunted, and Aunt Julia gets the keys to the old place.

There was someone killed there. It is no longer rented, because all the talk surrounding it.

They arrive close to midnight to find the place empty. Mr. Shorthouse decided to look at all the rooms. The only light was from the moon and a single candle.

While looking, they heard the sound of feet on the upper floor. While standing still, the sound of a person crying and screaming as they ran by. This was followed by heavy footsteps and soon the scream was cut off. All was as still as when Aunt Julia and Mr. Shorthouse came in.

They left.

The Library Window - by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant

This story is about a window in a college building.

There is much talk whether or not there is a window. Some say no because it was removed to save money. In early days in Scotland they were taxed for each window.

A young girl named Honey visits her aunt Mary. She wasn't sure what they were talking about.

She began to look at the window but saw nothing but a wall.

Everyday she would sit at her window and watched. And one evening she saw a light in the window many said was not there. The next night she saw a desk but no one around.

Every evening Honey would watch to see if anyone appeared. Another night she saw a chain was by the desk. She was hoping a person would come. The next evening there someone appeared. He sat at the desk writing and never did he look at the window.

One evening the man opened the window and looked out at the street below. He turned and waved at Honey. Then he and the window were gone.

No one believed her when she said she saw a man in the window and he waved.

Her mother came and took her home. She married, and was widowed with 2 children.

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