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Giving up the Ghost - by Helen Chappell

This is the story of Hollis Ball, a reporter at a local paper in Maryland's Eastern Shore. She covered the crime scene.

Gollis has Sam for a friend. The one thing about Sam is that he not only her ex-husband, but also a ghost.

Her Godfather, Albie Lydekker, is always looking for a money maker.

It seems Albie owes a gangster about $30,000. He is out to collect. Bang Bang Devine is mean and wants his money now.

Sometime in the night, someone shot Bang Bang and they arrested Albie since he had the motive to see him dead.

While all of this was going on, they were trying to get a memorial to Elvis Presley on his birthday. The idea was to have people come and they would impersonate the singer and win a prize.

With the murder they weren't sure it would happen.

This is where it gets interesting. One of the Elvis's was talking to Hollis. They tried to kill a person Hollis knew named Snow White (her real name). So now Hollis is mad and starts nosing around.

Snow White was a junkie plus a hooker, so why did someone want her dead? Hollis had to find a safe place for her to stay. She takes her to the home of a gal who also works at the paper, Jolene. It seems she wants to part of Snow. Hollis has a hold over Jolene so she agreed to let her stay.

Sam agreed to help Hollis find the killer. They went back to where Bang Bang was killed. A seedy motel called Lock and Load.

While Hollis was moving around and Sgt. Friendly kept telling her to stay out of police work and let them do their job.

After much work, the killer was unmasked, Snow still killed another person and was going to kill Hollis but slipped on the dock and fell into the river. Hollis tried to help, but Snow drowned.

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