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  • Rhonda Allen

Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swendson

(B+) In a mood for something lighthearted and funny with some romance?? I was and found this gem of a book series of which this is the first. Not my usual fare but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Katie Chandler, the heroine of the story, is a farm girl from a small town in Texas who moves to the Big Apple after taking a job as assistant to the marketing director of a large business firm (which turns out to be more of a gofer job for said marketing director). She has heard all about the weird people walking the streets of Manhattan so, seeing a woman wearing fairy wings and a gargoyle that appears and disappears from the edge of a building along with some near naked street performers and a skateboarder with elf ears, she puts it down to just some New York weirdos or cosplayers.

Only after a few more unexplainable incidents does she find out that she is special in a different way from the normal people, none of which seem to notice the "weird people". She is eventually approached by the research director of a company that researches, develops and markets magical spells. The thing that sets Katie apart as a valuable asset is that she is immune to magic and glamour spells. She can detect when someone using a diversion or invisibility spell is sneaking in to steal company secrets, or when a contract has been magically modified before being signed off. There is a villain in this and some action but basically it is a reverse of the usual trope of a girl with magical powers saving the day. Of course, the fact that the research director is remarkably handsome while being very shy and self-effacing is an added plus. Good fun read for a lighter mood or a summer beach read.

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