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  • Esther Peters

Edith: The Cat Who Ate an Elm Tree - by Roz Young

When Roz got Edith, her name was Edna. But she didn't think that was a literary name. So she looked in the OXFORD DICTIONARY of English Christian names. It didn't help help to find a proper literary name, so she renamed her Edith.

They lived in an old house with plenty of room to wonder.

Since Roz was a widow, the house seemed to large for the two of them. They moved to a retirement village. From then on, it was one adventure after another.

The rules were cats had to be leashed and not run free. Roz would take her parks where she was able to run free.

One day Edith got lot and everyone looked for her. After 3 days, she was found.

Edith was kidnapped. A little girl saw her and took her home, removed her tags, and told her dad she found her. This was in the paper and everyone was on the look out for Edith. It happened that the little girl's father read the story. He found Edith's tags in her dresser. Edith was returned to Roz.

Edit had many more adventures. Wonderful book.

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