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  • Matt Rappette

Zen for Cats by Henry Beard

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Zen for Cats by Henry Beard (Copyright, 1997) reviewed by Matt Rappette. This book is a comical review of how to understand your feline friend with helpful illustrations by Ron Barrett. The book also uses the backdrop of mediation and deep thought derived through the concepts of Zen. If you like graphic novel style reading, this book is sure to catch your eye. The illustrations do an excellent job of connecting you to the topics discussed in the text. Lots of common sense, practical knowledge, and clear insight is shared in helping you possibly understand the mind of your pet. The book is an easy read that will keep you at attention from start to finish. The author also has numerous other humorous books including “French for Cats” and is a New York Times Best Selling writer. You will realize this right away, as the book will give you a ton of belly laughs with excellent descriptions of so many daily things that we encounter in relation to having a relationship with our beloved pets. I highly recommend this book A++ It will surely bring a smile to your face as you work through the pages of lists, explanations, overviews, and wisdom shared from the perspective of Zen concepts and high quality humor. “Zen for Cats” is written by Henry Beard with Illustrations by Ron Barrett, Copyright 1997, 96 pages long, and Published by Random House.

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