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For the Birds - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library book #19 - by Emily Thomas

This story starts in the Blue Hill Library, with a meeting of the Birders Club.

The library is in an old house bequeathed by the aunt of the librarian, Anne Gibson.

Anne and her two children, Ben and Liddie, live in the top floor with their dog, Hershey.

The Birders Club is planning a festival to raise money to buy a lake to keep a chemical plant from building a plant there.

Coraline Watson is a member of the club. She is the financial officer. After the meeting the club says goodnight. That is the last time she is seen.

Tuesday morning, Liddie wakes to a noise at her window. There is Coraline's bird, Lorenzo. He had escaped from his cage and somehow got out of the house.

now begins the adventure. Anne takes Lorenzo home. She finds the house dark and no one home. The window is broken. that is how the bird escaped.

They started calling, but no one answered. The next day, still no Coraline, so they called the police. Coraline's neighbor, Mildred, has a key to her house. Inside, it looked undisturbed except for the broken window.

Lorenzo was alone, making a fuss. So Mildred too him to her house. Liddie wanted to, but mom said it was time to go home.

A young man named Liam knew her, but the check she gave him bounced. He was very angry at Coraline.

After, the police plus Anne and Mildred found Caroline in a cold storage on a farm.She was very cold and her hands were now pounding on the door. She'd been there for four days.

As usual, it all ended well.

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