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  • Esther Peters

Bright Sword of Justice - by Alan Morris

The story begins with young Liam starting for Canada. Along the way, he becomes snow blind. A group of outlaws find him.

The outlaws argue to let him come with them. He agrees to obey them or be shot.

They travel a while before deciding to camp for the night. Early morning, the men leave camp. Liam is left behind in the care of a young lad named Pod.

Meanwhile, up in Canada, Liam's two sisters, Reena and Morgan, missionaries working among the Blackfoot Indians, are at Fort MacLeod, where a troop of Canadian Mounties are stationed. They are there to protect the fort.

Back with Liam, the gang that left raid a homestead, killing the people and taking the cattle. Liam asks what they are doing. Pod says he doesn't know.

Hearing of the raid, the Mounties leave the fort to capture the outlaws. They come to a dry river bed and camp. At the same time, the outlaws are camping above them on a mesa. They plan to ambush the Mounties.

The plan is upset when Liam (who can see) fired a shot to warn them. Some are killed, but three escaped and captured the outlaws killing two including Pod, who cared for Liam.

They take the men back to the Fort. They stood trial. Liam was cleared and reunited with his sisters.

Oh yes, and the Mountie (Hunter) became a Christian and married Reena.

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