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  • Rhonda Allen

Because Our Father Lied by Craig McNamara


This is mainly a memoir by the son of Robert McNamara who was the Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war. The book concentrates on the complicated relationship between the father and the son from the son's early memories of his father to post Vietnam. He loved and respected his father and though the father seems a cold individual the son was proud of his father's position at first. As time went on the son began to have doubts about the war and his father's role in it. There is some historical perspective in the book, recalling the turbulent times and the ambivalence of the people in the US when confronted with the uncensored images of the war and the protests that were going on. Craig McNamara sometimes had trouble when comparing the image and memories of the father he had grown up with and the growing realization that this was the same man who had orchestrated many of the policies that led to deceiving the people and the press regarding the impossibility winning the war and the growing number of casualties as more and more soldiers were thrown into battle. In the end while the father admitted to all that had been done, he did so in his own memoir (a best seller) and never ever apologized or showed any remorse.

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