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  • Rhonda Allen

Bagman - by Rachel Maddow


Tells the tale of the downfall of one of the most blatant and corrupt individuals to ever hold the second highest position in the US government. None other than Spiro Agnew, vice president under Richard Nixon. I lived through the Watergate hearings and all the shenanigans that both Agnew and Nixon pulled but I never realized how egregious the corruption was. Agnew took bribes, envelopes stuffed with cash, in his office in the White House. He used intimidation and threats to keep subordinates in line. This was especially true as the administration was falling into chaos and all his skeletons were coming out of the closet. This is a wonderfully readable book that despite its subject, has an overriding sense of the absurd. You're left shaking your head in disbelief at how truly awful the man was and how he got away with so much. Even if you didn't follow the hearings or are too young to remember this is a window on a time in our history we need to revisit every so often.

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