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  • Rhonda Allen

Asylum and Sanctum - both by Madeleine Roux

These books are a part of a trilogy.

Asylum C+ and Sanctum C+

I am fascinated by old abandoned buildings (Mysteries of the Abandoned on Science channel) and was really looking forward to these books. Takes place on a campus that also is home to an old abandoned asylum. Concerns one main character - Dan Crawford and his two friends that he meets when the attend a pre college prep program. Of course they end up in the old abandoned asylum where Dan finds a connection between himself and former warden of the asylum. The books are full of creepy photos of former patients. Dan and friends have various adventures but in the long run the books are a disappointment to me. The characters are flat and no one seems to really care about their friend/friends. Some characters are meant to be menacing but they too wander on and off screen. All in all a big disappointment for me.

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