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A Wrinkle in Time - by Madeline L'Engle

Updated: May 18, 2021

This is a story of spectacular children with a special abilities, Meg, Charles Wallace and Cal O'Keefe.

The meet a trio of witches, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which. They live together in a haunted house deep in the woods.

Charles Wallace invites Calvin home for supper. Mrs. Murry (Charles and Meg's mom) feeds the children. Cal goes upstairs to read Charles a story before he goes to sleep.

Calvin and Meg decide to go for a walk. They find a place to sit and talk. Calvin upset Meg when he asked about her missing father. They haven't heard from Mr. Murry in a long time. gossip says he went away with a woman. Mrs. Murry knows this is not true.

Soon Cal and Meg are joined by Chalres who is supposed to be alseep. A bit later, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who join the kids. Later Mrs. Which.

They were magically whisked away to another planet.

When the wind was quiet, Meg realized she was alone. She called for Charles Wallace, but got no answer. Suddenly, Charles was there with her.

"Where are we?" Mrs. Whatsit said they were on Urial. "How did we get here?" We traveled by Tesser not by time. We put a wrinkle in time. "Can we find father and is he okay?"

Mrs. Whatsit changed into a winged horse. The three children got on her back. Away they went to Orion's Belt They met a medium who showed them what a mess the Earth is in and much has to be done to save it.

Next they went to Camazotz after Charles was put under the spell of IT. He tried to prevent Meg and Calvin from getting to their father. Meg did find her father in a cell, but Meg got in.

her father has been held in prison. Now Meg went to glass panes and touched it, it away and she was with her father. Calvin was locked out and so was Charles Wallace.

Mr. Murry, Cal and meg escaped. Then Meg had to defeat IT. She knew the one thing IT didn't have was LOVE so she called to Charles I LOVE YOU over and over. Finally it broke the hold of IT. They went to join the rest.

Suddenly they were back home. It was 30 minutes before bedtime. Everything was good.

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