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A Faerie Dangerous Game - Rachael O. Phillips

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Up in northern Michigan, the town of Loch Mallaig three old college friends find a new life. Carol, Laura, and Molly buy an old funeral home to begin their business. They named it Breed on Arrival. Their delivery car is a hearse.

Carol, Laura, and Molly have a side job; the help the police find bad people.

They gave a friend, Prilla. She lives in Reclusive. She comes to the bakery once a week. She doesn't come for a couple of weeks and the girls begin to worry.

The girls begin looking for her. Prilla's sister is found dead. Prilla is the main suspect of Kirsten's murder.

Laura and the girls, (known as the Bakehouse Three) try to find the real killer.

This takes Carol and her husband, Harry, to many parts of Michigan. From Marquette to Muskegon, South haven and Benton Harbor. While in Benton Harbor they tried to find Kirsten's son, Kent.

The talked to Kent's friend who described him as no good. They found him in jail. They talk to his friend at Feed the Flock food kitchen.

There they talked to a friend of Kent's. He knew Kent was in jail. He could go see him and tell him his mom was dead.

After, they reported to Chief Thompson about what they found.

All the excitement was far from over. Prilla called Carol for help. She was ill, had no food, and was scared.

Without telling anyone, Carol heads to help Prilla. Taking a backpack, she put in some food and cold medicines. Driving out to where Prilla was, in the Old Lighthouse. Unfortunately she and Prilla are held hostage.

She and Prilla are saved and Prilla's dad is arrested for the murders. Prilla is hospiltaized, but recovered.

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