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  • Tiffany Bradley

Yotsuba&! - by Kiyohiko Azuma

Yotsuba&! is a manga series that is geared for younger kids and people of all ages. The main character, Yotsuba, is a green-haired, spunky, spirited little six-year-old who lives with her single father in Japan. After living "that way" with her grandmother, the two finally purchase a home and move in next to a family of interesting characters. The story is a slice-of-life series of her adventures in her neighborhood, including those of her next door neighbors, of whom she instantly bonds with. It is an older series that is still being published now, with the latest volume being 15, and still having weekly chapters released in a Japanese manga magazine called Dengeki Daioh. This series is great for new manga readers, or young kids who are interested in manga from seeing their parents or older siblings reading them.

Want to read it? Check it out!


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