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  • Kim Mallory

When Marnie Was There -Movie by Studio Ghibli adapted from the novel by Joan Robinson - Review

“There are two circles in this world. The inner and the outer. They, the popular and smart ones, are in the inner. I am in the outer. That’s just how the world works.”

This is how Anna, a young teenage girl, describes her world. I think all of us, no matter the age, gender or cultural divides, can relate to Anna. On her feelings of being lonely, of not quite fitting in with the rest of the world and simply not like who she is as a person.

Studio Ghibli has the most beautiful art style and their storytelling immerses you in the world until you feel as though you experience everything the characters go through. With this movie, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. It will make you wonder how cruelness and kindness can live hand in hand. You’ll empathize with Anna, cheer for Marnie and marvel at the complex relationships human beings have with each other.

4.5 star rating. The movie is rated PG for scenes of smoking and mild peril but anyone from age 2 to 200 will enjoy this strange heartbreaking yet oddly encouraging tale of two girls just trying to find where they belong.

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