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  • Lon'Neisha Scott

The Magician's Nephew - by C. S. Lewis

I think The Magician’s Nephew is a good introduction for those who want to get into the Narnia series. As a person who isn’t that familiar with Narnia, the book really helped me get a feel of everything and now, I am interested in reading more of the series. I like how detailed C. S. Lewis’ writing is, and the dialogue was extremely fun to read. Some parts of the book made me laugh and some parts annoyed me, like chapter four. Chapter four made me dislike Digory Kirke because of how impulsive he was and how rude he was to Polly Plummer. Thanks to his impulsiveness, he woke up Jadis the Witch and ended up bringing her back to the real world. Fortunately, his character got better as the story went on, so he became okay for me. Polly is curious like Digory, but she’s more sensible than he is and because of that, I liked her more than him. Uncle Andrew is another character in the book and while some of his dialogue gave me a laugh, I didn’t really like him that much. For one thing, he’s selfish and he puts other people, and small animals, in harm’s way just to see if his experiments are successful. My least favorite character, though, is Jadis. I didn’t like her attitude towards everyone, and she was overall annoying to me. She’s the reason why I didn’t enjoy chapters six, seven, and eight as much as the others. Overall, The Magician’s Nephew is a good book and I recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy books or wants to dive into the Narnia series.


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