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  • Rhonda Allen

THE ITALIAN SLOW COOKER by Michele Scicolone

Submitted by Rhonda Allen

(A++) Normally I am not one to check out or read cookbooks. Instead picking out and copying one recipe or going to internet to find what I want. I started looking through this one and found a recipe for making risotto in a slow cooker. I love risotto but it is labor intensive and tedious to make. I found a wonderful recipe in this book and then started looking at other recipes for amazing Italian dishes using a slow cooker that seemed simple to make but were delicious.

I am going to buy this book for personal use it is that good. If you look at it, check out the chocolate truffle cake. I had made a similar one using a French recipe and called Bete Noir or black beast. Be sure to have some whipped cream on the side as this is so rich and super chocolatey.

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