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  • Rhonda Allen

Stolen Skies - by Tim Powers


What a trip!!! This is the third in a series by Powers and each one keeps getting better and better. The two main characters (Sebastian Vickery and and Ingrid Castine) along with a teenage boy (Santiago) a Latino woman (Galvan) who runs a fleet of Taco Trucks as well as renting cars that can deflect ghosts, appear in all three books. Castine who was FBI and now is working for another agency tasked with discrediting crop circles and UFOs, finds herself on the run and hooking up with Vickery for the third time. Vickery was once Secret Service and years back while guarding a motorcade of high ranking government officials he happened to hear something taking place in one of the vehicles that he shouldn't have and that caused him to be on the run from his employers. This book has just about everything plus being a no holds barred thrill ride with Vickery and Castine once again having to save the world. There are aliens...or rather the ghosts of aliens.....there are human ghosts, there is an impossible exit off highway 10 that leads to nowhere on earth, there is a bit of quantum physics thrown in as well the aliens who can only perceive in 2 dimensional space. Powers books remind me very much of the original Twilight Zone stories as well as a bit of Bradbury thrown in. The characters are great and sympathetic (even supposed bad guys). If you enjoy these check out Power's other books especially the Fault Line series and On Stranger Tides which was adapted for the third film of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Want to read it? Check it out!

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