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Slave to Sensation (Book 1) by Nalini Singh - Book Review

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Secrets that can destroy or save more than one race? Check, check and double check!

Welcome the world of the Psy and Changelings. Lucas Hunter is the Alpha of Dark River, a changeling leopard clan. When a serial killer emerges after a hundred years of uneasy peace targeting changeling women, one a pack member of Dark River, the hunt takes Lucas to the one person who may hold the key in unraveling the killer's identity and saving his clan.

The woman is Sascha Duncan, daughter of a Councilor who rules the Psy race. Sascha holds secrets of her own, ones so terrible they could destroy her. Together she and Lucas must help each other uncover a murderer living beneath the icy reserve called 'Silence' that holds all Psy emotionless.

If you enjoy 'enemies-to-lover's' trope with all the slow burn your heart can take, then I suggest you pick up Slave to Sensation, available through Overdrive. I will give a word of warning to readers regarding triggers, there is graphic violence and sexual reference throughout the book.

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