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  • Matt Rappette

Life by Pumpkin: A Cat's View on Everything by Leslie Popp

Life by Pumpkin: A Cat's View on Everything (Copyright, 2023) written by Leslie Popp is an excellent book for anyone wondering what their feline friend or any pet might say about what is going on around them. It shows a real love for pets and what they might be feeling and experiencing. The author, Leslie Popp, has dedicated this book to her beloved pet cat, Pumpkin, and is a memoir to her beloved pet. Pumpkin was adopted by the author from an animal shelter. She creatively writes about the adventures of Pumpkin, an opinionated yellow tabby, sharing his thrilling adventures and revealing his inner most thoughts in an entertaining fun story that would be enjoyable fun for all ages.The story is told from the cat's point of view. You will surely get some laughs following Pumpkin in his quest to fulfill his curiosity, absolute determination to get the undivided attention of his human friends, and his perspective of the world around him.Pumpkin is sure to capture your heart strings all the way to the last page!This book is truly a story of humor, love, joy, and reflection that documents the day to day life of Pumpkin the cat.If you ever wondered what your pet might be thinking of their day or about you, this book offers a glimpse of their view on everything.It was a funny and touching book that will have you smiling from page to page.You will never look at your pet the same way again after experiencing the reading of this tale.Life by Pumpkin: A Cat’s View on Everything was published by Raining Cats & Dogs Publishing in 2023 and is 130 pages long. This review was written by Matt Rappette

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