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  • Kat Boyer

Going Dark by Melissa de la Cruz

That is the hashtag that circulates the Internet when Josh comes home from Europe without his influencer girlfriend, Amelia Ashley. Josh tells the police that Amelia changed at the end, she lashed out at him and walked off, and didn't come back in time for the flight.

Amelia has gone completely offline, no texts, insta, or anything.

Then the police find blood in Josh's suitcase, and Amelia's friend has gone to hacker extraordinaire Harper Delgado to look into the disappearance. Harper finds out about another girl who went missing years before. Are these cases related? What else will Harper find? And again, Where is Amelia Ashley?

This book was a little slow to start, but once I knew all the players I was pretty well hooked. I recommend this to any suspense, mystery, or psychological thriller fan. It's a little different than the normal Melissa de la Cruz book, but if you are a fan of hers give it a try. This book will release in late January and be on the shelves shortly after.

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