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  • Matt Rappette

The Art of Purring by David Michie

“The Art of Purring” by David Michie is book 2 of 5 of his fictional series of books that focuses on teaching us some life lessons written in a clever way using animals as characters to share philosophy, practical tips, and knowledge about important concepts that help our well-being. The vital subject explored in this book is happiness. In this book, the author explores and contemplates the art of happiness. How can we find happiness? It is written from the perspective of a cat so you could exclaim, “What makes you purr?

The book starts out with the Dalia Lama leaving on one of his many trips and giving his cat, HHC (His Holiness's Cat), the main character of the story, an assignment to try to find happiness and explore this concept through everyday experiences, contemplation, study, and exploration. What an adventure he has! The answer to this life lesson includes humor, mischief, and some adventure. It will make you think. It is an entertaining book that shares the fictional story of his cat with inspiration lessons on how to live life that are learned as he seeks answers through his many experiences with other characters that include both additional animals and people met along the way. Tips are picked up that include overheard conversations, observations, and reflections on lessons learned from his adventurous endeavor.

It is a great book in my opinion that is appropriate for any age. It takes you on a trip into what it might have been like to live as a cat with the Dalai Lama while at the same time weaving in simple lessons and advice about to how live life and treat others. This book is an extension of Book 1 in the series that takes you through the fictional story of a Cat, of many names, who rises from fate as a stray on the streets of the big city to become part of the family of Great Dalai Lama. I thought the author did a creative job by writing the book from the viewpoint and perspective of what an animal (cat) might or could be thinking. As I read the book, I was taken on a journey filled with different emotions and taught some good lessons on the way!

This book caught my eye because I like animals and have had many pet cats of my own in my lifetime that have all taught me a few lessons as well! The author has several other books in the series along the same line that I would recommend exploring as well. Whether you are an animal lover or not you will enjoy “The Art of Purring?” published by Hay House Books. It is 229 pages long.

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