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  • Esther Peters

God Is My Co-Pilot by Col. Robert L. Scott

Col. Scott flew in the China-Burma Theater during WWII. After Pearl Harbor, Scott was told at the age of 34 that he was too old for battle flying. Scott was not taking no for an answer! Thus begins the story of the man who proved the RAF was wrong.

At twelve years old, Scott build a glider and lived to tell about it. Next, he bought a plane (for $75.00!) and taught himself how to fly. Scott flew the Flying Fortress to China as an escort. His job was to shoot down Japanese pilots who were trying to get to the Flying Fortress. After that, his unit joined the volunteer Air Force group commanded by Claire Lee Chennault. They were knowing as the Flying Tigers because the noses of their P-40s had paintings of a tiger's mouth.

During his time in China, he saw many P-4Os shot down. Scott was a man focused on one goal - to shoot down his enemies. The Japanese planes would target any moving trucks or troops and Scott was determined to protect his friends and allies. Scott and the other Flying Tigers would also escort bombers on their runs over Burma in order to find targets that would slow down the enemy's progress. Scott's ultimate goal was to participate in a bombing run over Japan, but he never got a chance no matter how many times he volunteered. Regardless, his story is an inspirational example of heroism and courage.

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