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  • Tiffany Bradley

Dance of Shadows - by Yelena Black

What does it feel like to dance? Is it like flying without wings? To be weightless and free? Or is it something more, something darker? When you point your toes and lift your arms is that merely your shadow following you...or something else watching you?

For Vanessa dancing was freedom but in the wake of her sisters disappearance from a prestigious ballet academy, it has become a burden. Now she has come to the same academy to find the truth about her sister's disappearance and no one is going to stop her. Not Justin, the boy who seems to hate her on sight and frustrates her with cryptic messages. Not Zep, the school's male lead with his mysterious air and quiet, intense eyes that promise distractions from her pain. Vanessa didn't come to the academy to dance. She came to learn its secrets. Even if it kills her. Which, if she's not careful, just might.

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