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  • Matt Rappette

All My Patients Have Tales by Jeff Wells

All My Patients Have Tales by Jeff Wells, D.V.M is an excellent choice of reading for someone who likes animals, true stories, adventure, real life drama, interesting characters/creatures, and humor. It would be of particular interest to those who want to become a veterinarian, have a pet, like to serve others, or care for animals. The author takes you along on his journey through his life and experience of becoming a veterinarian from vet school to action filled life experiences while on the job. He also shares life lessons from his experiences as a vet. It is filled with adventures that will keep you on your toes and hold your interest from cover to cover.

The story takes you from his schooling in Iowa to his experiences as a vet at his practice in South Dakota. Each chapter unfolds another adventure in caring for many kinds of animals and the challenges that come with it. There is never a dull moment as he shares a variety of stories (some humorous and some dramatic) about different kinds of animals he has treated and helped along the way with the interesting human companions that accompany these pets. You will learn about animals in need, but also get a heartfelt story from the heart of a vet who shares from the depth of his soul what it takes to be a compassionate, caring person in today’s world. If you are looking for an interesting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and really enjoy true stories that are written with care that include animals, then is this is the book for you. The author, it appears, always wanted to be a vet and to help animals and serve. He does a great job of including descriptive detail within to share his story from start to finish. You can tell he is an excellent vet because he goes beyond just sharing about his experience but makes you think about what an animal might be telling us about how they are feeling with his writing style.

The book makes you step back and think about what you can learn about animals that can be applied to real-world experience in how to treat others. I highly recommended this book. You won’t be able to put in down because it has it all: humor, drama, interesting characters, detail, challenge, and suspense to name just a few. “All My Patients Have Tales” is published by St. Martins Press copyright 2006,2009 and is 226 pages long.

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