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A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony

A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony

This is a story of Xanth and Bink.

Bink is 24 and doesn’t seem to have a talent. If he doesn’t discover his talent by the time he is 25, he’ll be exiled to Mundania (no magic.)

Bink decided to find the good magician Humphrey to help him in his search.

Along the way, he meets many people and animals. He meets a centaur; a dragon who is fake; a sorceress who can make things look real.

He finds the good magician and he sends Bink home to face his trial after the magician gave him his talent. No one is to know what his talent is.

The old king is losing his magical powers, putting Xanth in danger.

Iris, the sorceress, is trying to get a man to marry her so she can become queen, so she can rule the land.

Bink turns her down and she doesn’t like it. A fellow traveler, Trent, an evil magician, takes up the challenge and agrees to marry her. They become king and queen.

Bink eventually marries a fellow traveler named Chameleon.

And so begins the story of Xanth.

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