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Get Fit and Stay Healthy with the BHPL with our new health and well-being initiative Get Fit BH

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Want to get into getting in shape and being a little more health conscious, but not sure where to start? You're not alone, and that's why we here at the BHPL want to help you make your journey a little easier by offering fitness and exercise tips, delicious and easy recipes recipes from national and international food databases, and activities and events happening right here at your library. 

So be prepared to get up and go this summer and beyond with your library!

Participating libraries:

Watervliet District Library

Coloma Public Library

More info on their involvement will be available on their library sites.

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This week's food spotlight:

Appetizer: Yogurt and Tahini Dip

A nourishing and satisfying accompaniment to meat and vegetable dishes in Sudan, a Muslim country. A refreshing dip, it is traditionally enjoyed with the national flatbread kisra, a pancake made from a hard wheat like sorghum.

Main dish: Maschi 

This popular dish features tomatoes stuffed with a spicy mixture of beef and cooked rice and gently simmered in a tomato sauce. The dish may also be made with stuffed cucumbers or eggplants instead of tomatoes.

Desert: Baseema (Lemon Cake)

A popular moist lemon cake across northeastern Africa, including the Egyptian version that is topped with crispy coconut. The Sudanese baseema also benefits from the use of desiccated coconut mixed with bright lemon juice and sugar.

Goraasa (Flatbread)

Goraasa is a Sudanese flatbread, usually served with stewed meats. The spongy bread is used as a platform, with the meal placed into the center.


Want the full recipe? Visit the American and World Food databases at A to Z World Foods or at A to Z Food America and sign in with your library card number! (no card number? Sign up for an online card!)

This week's exercise spotlight:


Tips from Dir Kat Boyer of the BHPL

So, you want to run?  That's awesome!  Running can be a great activity that can be done on your own or with friends.   This will be some basic information for anyone, of any level, who wants to take up running.  


The first thing to do is make sure you have proper shoes to run in.  These shoes should be designed for running and will give you support so you do not injure yourself.  It's also good if you have a GPS capable smart phone to track your runs.  You can download some different apps that can track for you.  I suggest Runkeeper or Strava, as both have decent free versions.  There is also Map My Run.  I used Runkeeper for years to program runs and had it tell me when to run and walk.  You can also do that with a HIIT timer app, but those won't track your miles or your pace.  Also, make sure you stretch before and after every run.


Like these tips? Read the full article on our Blog!

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