Children's Department

Welcome to the Benton Harbor Public Library Children's Department!

Families, please help us keep the library experience pleasant for everyone by following our library rules:

  1. No food or drink allowed in department; only in designated places.*  

  2. Please keep an eye on your children while here and help them clean up their mess before leaving.

  3. Please help us maintain a "peaceful" atmosphere for all of our patrons. Please inform your children to use a quiet voice and not to run while inside.

  4. Watch over your children as they look through books; books that are damaged on library property will still be charged.

  5. When done using a book, please place the book in the green baskets provided at the end of specific book shelves. 

  6. If a baby or toddler becomes unhappy and begins crying & cannot be calmed down, it is time to leave.

*Ask at the desk where these locations are!

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